Heiner Goebbels, the German composer and director visits the 10th Fajr Festival of visual arts Back Back

I was very surprised by the variety of works, materials, genres and those works play with the shift of the genres and those were most intriguing.
High percentages of intermedias combined certain techniques like photography with the performance of video, sounds, with space. I think those works were the most interesting for me because I can make experience. I arrived two days ago, I am living two nights here, no competence and experience to speak about Iranian arts but those works are definitely the most intriguing for me, the most challenging one.
Starts already in the first space with the little white dots moving in the blue box by the wind, we had a hard time to understand, how it would work. It was the most intriguing part because as soon as we can see the intention, it loses its mystery.
In another picture, four or five people hold a photography in their hands in an old palace (خانه مشروطه اصفهان) it is so intelligently because it is in black and white, it helps us to imagine the connection between the living bodies and the bodies in the photograph, between the different layers of the architecture of the people who hold the picture. Why do they hold the picture? What is the difference between the generations? It was really challenging.
I think good art is international and especially when it crosses the borders, it crosses all the borers, it doesn’t stay within a nationality and that’s why those good work I described could communicate to me.

News Date:  Tuesday, January 23, 2018