Serbian artists are interested in holding exhibitions in Iran Back Back

Dr. Dragan Todorovic, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Iran during his visit of the Fajr Festival of visual arts said: "This exhibition was so interesting to me because this festival is an international one which attracts many artists from Iran and other countries around the world."
Dr. Todorovic emphasized that we see the cultural relations as an opportunity to develop the diplomatic ties and relations between the two countries. "I got so happy when I read in Iranian media that 22 Serbian artists have attended in this event. It shows that Serbian artists are interested to take part in the visual art events in Iran." added Dr. Todorovic.
He said: "This point of view and interest among Iranian and Serbian artists makes a good starting point for the future cooperation and collaboration. Due to the friendship between the Iranian and Serbian nations, cultural exchange will take place easily, and people will not have any problem in this case."
According to the report by the news agency of the Festival, the Serbian diplomat said in the field of culture, we have very good ideas and works. First of all a Serbian traditional music band attended to the Fajr Music Festival. On the other hand, we will be the guests of honor in the 31th Tehran International Book Fair. We have had events like Serbian night or Serbian day in Iran and these are good events.
"Our minister of culture is invited to come to the Tehran International Book Fair in order to sign an agreement between Iranian national library and Serbian national library to make a Serbian corner with Serbian book. This event was arranged after unveiling ceremony of the Serbian translation of Divan of Hafez in Art Garden in Tehran." he continued.
The ambassador of Serbia said: "We are negotiating about the Serbian film week. It will be held in three cities such as Tehran and Mashhad. It shows that the cultural cooperation between Iran and Serbia is so good."
News Date:  Friday, February 16, 2018