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Caterina Balamoti,
Catharina Balamoti, the Representative of the Hellenic Foundation of culture (Greece) in Tehran attended in the opening ceremony of the Nations exhibition of 10th Fajr international Festival of Visual Arts.
She said:" Iranian and Greek have two ancient nations, sharing many thing in common. We are very very happy to participate in the Fajr Festival. We have been seeing in the past years very serious works taking place and since we are operating here again over a year in Tehran, we thought that it would be a very very nice idea to bring some Greek visual artworks into the festival."
She continued: "This year we decide to bring a video art project as well. This is called "Breathing" and actually it is a narration of Greek famous poems. Those narrations are enhanced by very famous music sounds and very famous optical pictures, not only from Greek but also from international artist with English subtitles."
Balamotie expressed:" I can see many similarities between Iranian and international artists. Nevertheless, I come to appreciate the Iranian artists more, because they are finding so many creative ways to express themselves."
She added: "we are living in an era that are is very easy to travel around the world. So this is a beautiful exhibition that all of the artists come together and they get inspired by each other. We are very close to live in a world where at least art is really globally peacefully, like a global country with no borders.
In the Nations Exhibition, the Representative of the Hellenic Foundation of culture also revealed a secret for Iranian audience: "In visual art field, we are planning to have a very big exhibition in Crete Island that 10 Iranian women are going to exhibit along with Greek women, painting for three months. We chose Crete island because the summer it has more than 50 million visitors from all around the world. We want to show how close Greek and Iranian women artists are."

News Date:  Saturday, February 17, 2018